Tiger's Head
Format: Vinyl 2LP
Label: Tiger Bay
Catalogue number: TB6232
Release date: 23-03-2018
Shipping cost: 3,26 EUR (prepayment) 4,66 EUR (COD)
Ships in: 14 days
22,10 EUR


In 1969 at Woodstock a relatively little-known band from San Francisco, led by a young guitar virtuoso named Carlos Santana, wowed audiences with their new breed of Latin-tinged rock. The festival catapulted Santana’s self-titled debut album to the number one spot on the U.S. charts and onto superstardom. However, before Woodstock, Santana had been playing around the Bay Area for almost two years. Tiger’s Head is a collection of live tracks recorded during Santana’s early period of 1968/69, presented as a deluxe limited edition on white vinyl.

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