Luna Africana
Format: Vinyl LP
Catalogue number: TGT432
Release date: 10-04-2017
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“The Great Thunder present a reissue of Clara Mondshine's Luna Africana, originally released in 1981. Clara Mondshine was a musical project of the late radio director, journalist, and composer Walter Bachauer, who worked for RIAS Berlin in the '70s and '80s. Mr. Bachauer was also involved as musician in projects with electronic artist Peter Michael Hamel and the krautrock act Between in the '70s. With Clara Mondshine, he was able to score three albums before his untimely passing in 1989. Luna Africana, from 1981, was the first, and it fits exactly into that era, when the sluggish grinding of the early epic "cosmic music" had finally completely vanished and a new peppy drive could be felt with the spacious soundscapes of electronic music. Still rather lo-fi, with primitive machine grooves and swirling waves of analog synthesizers to which some hypnotic drones were tastefully added, this music has learned a lot from the grand masters of the '70s, and especially the so called "motorik" style of krautish electronics with rather simple melodic patterns and a very rhythmical approach. The music on Luna Africae is quite imaginative and picturesque, and the trip it takes you on leads you through a dark galaxy where only the starlight guides your vessel. Certainly a must have for fans of Eno/Harmonia collaborations, Cluster's Zuckerzeit (LR 333LP) and other similar "motorik" electronic albums. It also has a Kraftwerk feel, just without the vocals of course. This long hidden secret gem is unveiled for your stellar listening pleasure. Beware of the depths of outer space.”

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