Alpha Centauri - Picture Disc
Format: Vinyl 2LP
Label: Tiger Bay
Catalogue number: TB6065
Release date: 19-05-2017
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Track listing:

Sunrise In The Third System
Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola
Ultima Thule Part 1 (Single)
Alpha Centauri
Ultima Thule Part Two
Oszillator Planet Concert


Second studio album by the influential music band Tangerine Dream, “Alpha Centauri” is the milestone of the psychedelic era. Originally recorded in 1970 at Stommeln’s sound-lab Studio Dierks and released under the Ralf-Ulrich Kaiser’s Ohr imprint, this album is an extraordinary trip into a dark sonic universe, where the overall quality has little in common with the luminescence recalled by its title. Organ acoustics and flute lean on mesmerising textures, created by employing the new VCS3 synthesiser. Deluxe 2LP edition with ‘Big Hole” Jacket containing the original LP in black vinyl 180gr and a picture disc with bonus tracks from the same recording sessions.
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