Accadde A... - Black Vinyl
Format: Vinyl LP
Catalogue number: GPLP1032
Release date: 21-04-2017
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25,55 EUR

Track listing:

Accadde A Harlem
Accadde A Cuzco
Accadde A Bali
Accadde A Bahia
Accadde A Belfast
Accadde A Tutti Noi
Accadde A Las Vegas
Accadde In Biafra
Accadde A Yellow Park
Accadde A Lima
Accadde Ad Atene
Accadde A Boston


“Here's a revamped reissue of an extremely rare Italian library album from 1970. Arawak is one of the many pseudonyms that Luciano Simoncini used as a composer of film scores and background music for radio and television in Italy. This album stayed under the radar until hip-hop performer Quasimoto (an alter ego of producer Madlib) sampled 'Accade A Harlem' for the 'Suono Libero' series. The laid-back grooves and dreamy atmospheres alternate with more funky sounds to make for a truly unique listening experience. This reissue is limited to 500 copies on BLACK VINYL. Liner notes are included.”

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