Sallier Fforth - Mono - Splatter Vinyl
Format: Vinyl LP
Label: Parlophone
Catalogue number: 0825646172474
Release date: 18-04-2015
Shipping cost: 2,36 EUR (prepayment) 4,73 EUR (COD)
Ships in: 14 days
33,08 EUR

Track listing:

She's Alright
I'm So Happy
Montgolfier '67
Drive My Car
Hey You
Sun Sing
Sun And Sand
Labour Exchange
Sighing Game
Come On Go


“One and only release (1968) from English psychedelic pop band. Their only single, "Drive My Car," failed to garner much success on the charts, and they disbanded shortly thereafter. A true era rarity. Limited edition RSD exclusive 1LP (mono) on 140 gram splattered vinyl with black and yellow 60's Parlophone label. A true era rarity.”

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